23 March 2011

Day 2

Started that Interac application.....omfg, there's alot to do on it. Need to gather my reference's contact information, apparently.

Submitted an application for ECC- went through and was confirmed. Let's see what happens with it.

Submitted an application for PKC- I took a bit long on it and never got any confirmation screen for it- will follow up on that if nothing happens.....?

I also was watching "Yan-San" videos in the labs last night. Reminds me of high school as those were videos we watched in Japanese class...yes...I studied Japanese for 4 years in high school, and have self studied ever since. Thus why I feel like I want to work in Japan- I have an interest in the culture, and I know a little of the language to where hopefully smacking myself into the country will help me learn more faster.

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